Thursday, 16 November 2017

As another season ends we would like to thank all of our guests from 2017 and past years for your business and continuous dedication. Without you, we wouldn't be at Forrest Lodge. We look forward to 2018 and more great times, new memories and friendships.

Looking back over the season, our fishing reports from guests seem to have been outstanding, better than others. I guess conservation, letting bigger fish go, only taking what you can eat vs. what you can have, is paying off. As we promote all the time, fishing is just a small part of vacationing with us. It's family, friends, time spent on the water, soaking up what God has provided for all to enjoy.

We may not be to everyone's liking, that's o.k or quite mix with some, as we are all unique in our own way. But we feel we go above and beyond to make your stay relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable while you are here on vacation. Some may leave very bad reviews , others great ones, but we just ask not to judge based on others opinions. See for yourself what we have to offer, the awesome fishing, the Canadian ambiance, only you can decide what kind of vacation you're going to have.

After 17 years, we must be doing something right to keep getting repeat guests, year after year. Again, we thank you all for the blessed opportunity to be your hosts. God willing, we'll see you all in 2018.

God Bless, and until next year, take care and be safe,
Scott and Mary Jo Robinson, your hosts, Forrest Lodge

Monday, 23 May 2016

Fishing Opener 2016

Fishing report: Walleyes are biting of course on minnows, Northeast end of the lake in about 10 ft of water. Water temp is about 53-60F, depending where you go. Water level is about normal, maybe be a bit low. So as always, BE CAREFUL. Lake Trout are hitting on spoons right out in front of lodge, along the trough, anywhere between 30-50 ft. 

Last night was a bit slower for Lakers until the guys figured out to fish on the windy side of Mary Jo's Island, where the seagulls where. Today they are going to stick around Shawn,Beaver and Cove islands. The Narrows, as always, produce several for dinner yesterday afternoon. Weathers is changing a bit, expecting a chance of thunderstorms. The black flies are out in full force!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

It's been quite some time.....


We have been very busy opening cabins, getting boats ready and entertaining guests. So far, everyone of our guests have no complaints and have been catching/ releasing lots of fish. Opener proved once again to be HOT. Campbell Creek was the honey hole. Between 7 people and 5 days, well over a 1,000+ fish boated.

Once again, Ontario's bugs have blood lust. Skeeters, black flies and no-see-ums , humans are out numbered. But, good news, we had a hatch of dragon flies to help take 'em out.

Pink 1/4 oz jig tipped with a white tail and a minnow have been the hot bait for Walleyes. Whitefish Bay is the spot or was for the last few days. But remember, fish move around, so where they where one day they may not be the next. That's what's so fun about fishing, is the adventure, the exploring, hanging with your best bud, creating those memories.

Pike and Lakers, well, a few here and there, not to many being caught or kept. Rapala's, spoons, anything flashy will get you some of those.

Water level is still a bit high so be cautious, no matter what, PWC on the Boo. That's Proceed with Caution.

Well, it's MJ's birthday,time to go celebrate!

Think Walleye ;)

Monday, 20 April 2015

Countdown to 2015

For the most part winter has melted away from the landscape. Here in Northern Wisconsin we woke up to a coating of snow this morning and it continues to fall. Most of it has melted off but under the trees and in some areas it is holding on.If you haven't made plans for your trip to Forrest Lodge then now is the time to do so. We are booking up fast and June is almost filled. We are offering a 15% prepaid discount so don't wait any longer or you may not get the dates you want. This is a great time of the year to get your boat in shape for the upcoming season. And don't forget your trailer. Bearings need attention regularly and check the electrical connections. Even if the lights are working a frayed wire or corroded connector can cause serious problems. Check the rope or strap on the winch. Spray some lube on the hitch and check your receiver. Check tire pressure and the spare also. Grab an in-expensive jack to keep in the boat so you don't have to unload the truck and use the factory one that came with your 1/2 ton. Nothing worse than using the tippy little thing that doesn't fit your trailer axle and then try to remove the lug nutz. You can get a floor jack at "Wally's" for pretty cheap. They are easy to roll around and will fit under your truck or trailer anywhere and they don't take up much room in the boat while your traveling down the road.
New for this year we hope to get the cabins all stained and painted. We have our fingers crossed the weather will be on our side. We also plan on replacing a few of the toilets with water saver units. We have also purchased a new generator to replace the 20kw that has served us well the last 40,000+ hours. It is a 25kw unit that is smaller and more efficient.
Just 26 days until the opener so get your plans settled , get your equipment in order, purchase your fishing license and remember.......THINK WALLEYE!

Capt. Scott

Watch for updates on ice conditions after we arrive at the Lodge.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

2015 Shows

So we are well into 2015 and it's time to do a few Sport Shows. MaryJo and I enjoy doing the Shows so we can meet new folks and talk fishing. Of course we always like to get guests to try us out and we like to talk about Caribou Lake and Forrest Lodge. We know that the competition is tough but we like to talk face to face with a no pressure approach. If you are new to Forrest Lodge and just not quite sure, why not give us try. We can provide anonymous guest referrals. We give your contact information to several past guests and they will forward their contact information to you. That way we don't know who you spoke with so you can ask what ever questions you want and know that you are getting an honest answer. After 15 years of operation we believe Forrest Lodge offers the best value for your Canadian outdoor adventure. If you are looking for solitude with numerous outdoor opportunities but with all the conveniences of home and first class service then please check us out. For all of our returning and regular guests and friends we would like to say "Thank You!" for without you we wouldn't be here. It means we are doing something right and that makes it all the more exciting. Stop by and see us at;

Northeast Wisconsin Sport Fishin Show                 
Players Choice, Appleton Wisconsin                
February 20-22                                                                       
Booth 99

Eastern Iowa Sport Show
Uni-Dome, Cedar Falls Iowa
March 13-15
Booth A-52

Wisconsin Sport Show
Menards Old Mill Expo Center, Eau Claire Wisconsin
March 20-22
Booth 478                                                                                   

Mark your calendar, get your fishin buddy's and get out to the show. Check out some of the new gear, get some great deals and see some new locations to head to, and remember......THINK WALLEYE!