Saturday, 28 May 2011

Ice Fishing

Opening weekend at Forrest Lodge was for the hardy fisherman. After temps in the 70's the week before we had SNOW and temps in the 20's. The water froze several nights and morning ice on the dock made servicing the boats quite a trick. The bite was all over the place except were it should have been. No fish in Whitefish Bay. No fish in The Boot. No fish at the Brockway creek. No fish at Campbell. Some big fat females came from a rather unusual place. Above the creeks seemed to be the place to fish. Some of the females still had spawn, and just a hand full of little males. The big gators were thin although a few hook ups came in the shallows. We see them up in the grass along the shore line here at the Lodge. I think the spawn may be delayed a little due to the bitter cold. Caribou Lake is still ice cold. The lakers were up shallow yet just around the corner. MaryJo smoked a half dozen the other day and made a delicious smoked trout spread, great on a cracker washed down with a chilly Blue. I hope to get out one day this week but my to-do list keeps growing. We haven't finished opening up all the cabins yet and I'm still working on several projects. Now I have a dozen big aspen trees on the ground that need to be cleaned up. No rest for the weary. Remember.....THINK WALLEYE!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

2011 Season Begins

The gate is open, the lights are on and the ice is out! So what are you waiting for? MaryJo has been working her mojo on the cabins and I've got the floating dock set and the boats rigged and in the water. The ice was out the early part of the month so I expect to see the walleye in a more normal spring pattern. The water level is just about where it should be under the main dock. I'm sure that I had the first boat on Caribou last week. The weather has been perfect. Clear sky's and daytime temps in the upper 70's, the other day we hit 82f. Now this morning the temps have cooled a bit and we are just around the 60f mark with overcast conditions and a moderate chop. I suspect the walleye will be in the shallow areas yet and at the creeks. Even with the warm temps Caribou is still ice cold. No time for me to get fishing yet, this is a busy time of the year making sure that everything is in top notch order and ready for your fishing adventure. Why not mix things up a bit and bring your 4 wheeler to explore some of the hundreds of miles of logging trails. All you need is a helmet and proof of insurance along with a drivers license of course. If you look at Google Earth for this area you can see all the trails and the lakes that are just at the top of the hill. The smaller lakes have got to be stuffed with fish that no one has been on before. This year try your luck with a fly rod for the big pike. And change up to ultra light for the walleye. Try vertical jigging for fat lake trout. Did you know that there are sturgeon in Caribou lake? How about hooking into one of them, its like pulling a small car off the bottom. After everyone checks in this week I will get out with my fishing buddy and give a first hand report. Remember....THINK WALLEYE!