Thursday, 14 July 2011

Killed the Bugs!

So after quite some time we finally exterminated the bugs on the computer. Its has been about a dozen or so fish fry's since my last report. Caribou Lake continues to impress its visitors with an abundance of quality walleye fishing. We have had many guests report 100+ walleye C&R in an average day of fishing.  As the water continues to warm and the fish move into a solid summer pattern the bite remains steady in all the usual areas. The Narrows is always on in the evening hours and offers a quick meal for our late check-ins. Just a short 5 minute boat ride and the opportunity to fish quality walleye and northern is yours. Lake Trout are moving deeper every day with the morning bite producing the best results. I made it out yesterday to check the bite after a heavy Mayfly hatch. I wasn't expecting big numbers but I did get into some big walleye. The bite was sluggish with slick water conditions and a bright sun beating down and temp around 80f. The breeze would pick up on and off just enough to give a bit of walleye chop. As I got further up the lake the hatch was not as heavy as it was at Forrest Lodge. The bay in front was thick with casings and this morning we had White Fish at the dock feeding on the Mayfly's. The local Gators were slow to grab this mornings offering of dead minnows so we know they had a belly full of Mayfly's. Yesterdays adventure was rewarded with a limit of good eaters. I had several heavies around 24-26, fun to catch but way better to release and keep the population strong. I fished with an 1/8 oz chartreuse tipped with a minnow. I casted out and left the bail open for a vertical sink. My retrieve was sloooowww. Just nudging it through the rocks and picking up the lazy fatty's sleeping off the nights feeding frenzy. I changed up a few times to larger jigs and tried leeches, even rigged up with a little joe and chain sinker for a slow troll. I worked depths from 10 to 40 feet with the bite holding steady at the 16 foot mark. The other day I read an article about walleye fishing and what gear to buy and educating yourself and getting all hyped up about when,where and why. The author was a "pro" that fished the tournaments and had many years of walleye expertise under his belt. I was a little more than confused after reading this multi page technical manual. Its just walleye fishing! If you find yourself working so hard at it then its time to ask yourself why are you doing it. For me 99% of going out and fishing is the going out part and the enviroment around me. The other 1% is the bonus of getting a few fish to hook up. I tell all of our guests to go out on the first day and get the kinks out, look through you tangle box, futs with the locator and drown a few minnows. The second day just relax a hook up a few fish, and by the third day getting into the fatty's and snagging a few gators is just that easy. You ever notice the guys that try so hard and get all worked up when they miss a fish or get fouled up on the bottom that they miss the real opportunity right in front of them. When I guide folks like that I like to watch for a few hours then when I see the veins on their neck about to burst I ask them what they enjoy about fishing. So after a few sentences about the fun and relaxing and eating fresh cold water walleye the light switch goes on. Now I realize there are just some fellows that are competitive by nature but I remind them about evolution and fish are small with small brains and if you so smart then why cant you hook up? So, like I always say..........THINK WALLEYE!