Monday, 26 September 2011

September Numbers

Jerry & Kevin- U.Co-op trip Aug,2011
We are well into the late season here at Forrest Lodge and the bite continues to prove that Caribou Lake produces some trememdous numbers of walleye. Fishing has been productive in the 20-40 foot zone with any combination of approaches. Of course live bait rigging still produces the best bite. I used a 1/8 oz chartruese tipped with anything from minnow to leech to crawler and the "Gulp" stuff and did equally as well. Rubber tails and other soft baits takes a little softer touch but produce some good eaters. We had a nice Laker come in the other day that took a minnow on a walleye rig. Lakers are in the fall spawn pattern now and moving into shallow water. Stick baits and spinners will get the best action now on Lakers. Setting up with down riggers is still another approach but not as effective this time of year. These two fellows have a couple of nice smokers that they pulled up using a vertical jig over the edge of the breaking reef. The September size limit is on now and October is the close of  Lake Trout.

Smoothrock fire,Sept,2011
The fire season is coming to an end finally. We had several nervous days here as the smoke and ash fallout was heavy at times. The rains came just in time and also helped to cool the lake water and get the fish into a fall pattern. So far we have not had a frost here along the shore of Caribou Lake but up at the top of the ridge and in town has seen several frosty mornings. The weather has been great for fishing so far but our moose hunters are not seeing much activety. Moose need a few cold nights to help get them moving. Yesterday we saw 72f here and today looks like a repeat. Clear brilliant sky with calm winds. Just a few more fishing partys in this year then Capt MaryJo and I get to spend some extended time on the water. We do get to fish together during the season, but only for short trips. One of us needs to be available for our guests at all times so we plan accordingly and on occassion even meet up with some of our guests on the water. When I'm not guiding and just out fishing it gives us a chance to get to explore and try new equipment. One thing we have learned over the years is that cheap equipment is just that, and on the other hand, a $100 fishing rod catches just as many fish as a $500 rod. A reel with multiple bearings is better than a reel with a few, and a quality 6-7 foot medium fast rod works well for me. I still like a good quality mono line that doesn't break the bank to spool up. I have never suggested one product over another or one manufacturer over another but I must say buy American as much as possible and remember.......THINK WALLEYE!
Capt. Scott