Sunday, 23 September 2012

Getting Close to the End

Hello everyone,

My apologies for taking so long to write a new post. It turned cold and we became hermits. But with moose and bird hunters, and groups of late season fishermen, we'll have to wait until this winter. Still things to do, closed a few cabins, get some rental boats out of the water, some indoor projects, always something to do. 
Our 1st group of moose hunters haven't seen or heard anything as of yet,today is their last day. Well, they've haven't been getting out when they should, before day break, so they may be missing the moose that are moving in from feeding. There was 3 that we heard of taken near by, so we do have moose around. Our 2nd group of hunters came in last night and where out this morning before daybreak, so just maybe.....
Fishing at the Little Jackfish has been fantastic, according to a few groups who ventured up that way. One guy said he never experienced anything like that.
Not to many people are fishing Caribou right now, the winds have been N-NW and 3-4 ft waves and bitter cold with on and off snow showers, yeah.... NOT my kind of fishing. This week I have some tough guys who are going to brave it, so hopefully I'll get 1 more good fishing report before we close.
Lady's fox pups are still coming in and they are naughty. If they can find something to get into, they will. But, they sure are fun to watch and guests get a kick out of being so close to nature. Guests coming from the burbs or cities just don't get to experience this so it's a real treat for them. Well, not much more to add right now. Stay tuned for the last fishing and hunting report. " Think Walleye"

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Early August Report

The walleye bite remains solid with the avarage fish in the 16-20 inche range. I'v had reports of fish in the upper 20's being caught and released. Fish are in the 30 foot and deeper areas and the heavies are in the deep holes around the rock structure. Vertical jig for the big ones, the action may be a bit slower but the hook up is well worth the wait. Use a 3/8 chartruese tipped with live bait. Be ready to snag up frequently, if your not getting snagged, your not were the fish are. Have a casting rod rigged to work the reef edges when the walleye bite slows. You know you have a big gator cruising the area when the walleye stop hitting suddenly. We came across a sorry site the other day. A 40+ gator belly up with a 12" half digested sucker floating next to it. It appears he bit off more than he could chew. The gator had a huge head on him and a bloated belly. It looked like a very solid fish with big shoulders and a big tail. When you get here I'll tell you were he was. Were theres one theres another. So far no reports of any big gators, just the usual 30-40". Laker are holding steady over the "hole" and a few coming out of the upper areas. Average size 6-8 pounds. Weather has been about perfect, temps in the mid to upper 70's although rough chop today. White caps and steady nor-west winds about 15-20 mph. Its has dropped off this afternoon and all boats are out on the water now. So what are you waiting for. Come on up, cool off, snag a few wallye and relax, just remember.......THINK WALLEYE!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

July Update

So I've had a few calls asking when I was going to update the blog. And yes I know its July already but....It was a difficult spring with steady rain every day for 3 days straight. The water level shot up to just under the main dock and was ready to overtake the steps to the fish house. The bite had been solid for walleye. Every depth is holding fish now. We had a May group come back last week and I told them to get deeper, around 25 feet. We had gone out the day before and hit the walleyes in 25 feet until mid afternoon. If you know Caribou then you know its time for lunch when the bite stops in the afternoon. Either that or cast for gators. So the May group fished in 30 feet and had a tough time getting supper fish. I was thinking walleye so I said maybe try a little deeper, after all its been bright and sunny with just some small fronts moving through. They finally got into the fish in 8 feet of water! Walleye of every size. They couldn't believe it. The fish were warm to the touch. So I'll give away 1 hot spot for those of you that stay at one of the other lodges on Caribou. Early July fishing in the gravel ditch behind the Island in Whitefish bay! Honest. Thats a spring bite and as soon as the water warms your hard pressed to even snag a gator back there. Of course the Narrows holds a steady bite and is a great place to spend an evening on Caribou. You can limit out and have a great sunset view. So as of today the water level is dropping and the bite continues to be in the usual places. We have seen some above average Lakers coming in and a few guests have hooked some heavy gators. I had the Fly rod out the other day and managed to get the kinks out of the line. Not a heavy by any means but still a blast to hook up on the Fly rod. So you guys down south, I talked to a fellow from Wisconsin today and he said temps were above 100 last week. Today we hit 92. But the breeze off the Lake and the walleye chop was perfect. Not to hot and just windy enough to keep a shirt on and fool the walleye. So what are you waiting for? A fresh caught walleye dinner, a few chilly Blues. Then a cool sleep in your cabin so you can do it all over again the next day. The water in Caribou is still way to cold to swim for regular folks. But it sure cools down the evening air. So if you need a break from the heat or a break from the grind your just a short drive from a Canadian fishing adventure. Remember........THINK WALLEYE!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Hello from Forrest Lodge on Caribou Lake. The lights are on and the walleye are hungry. We arrived last Tuesday and fired up the generators. As of today the west side is up and running and MaryJo is working her mojo on cabin 1. I have half of the boats rigged and in the water and the floating dock is set. Much to my dissatisfaction Squint poked her head out from under the office deck and another yet to be named varmit is under the shed. After 6 years Lady is still with us and has been by every evening. I wish she would develop a taste for ground hog. Alvin and Tweek are on the porch and act as though we never left for the winter. The weather today is cold and wet with a slight NW wind. Almost perfect walleye condition. Water level is normal for this time of year. We heard that the ice was out early this year and that means that the traditional spawn has occurred already and the fish are moving out. The cold weather and cold rain will help to keep them in shallow for a bit longer. Extended forecast calls for cool temps and rain. Lakers are still shallow. We have had some come in from the 10-20 foot range with fish being marked on the bottom. A group went to the north end yesterday and caught "100's" of fish. The Narrows are producing somewhat. No report on Whitefish Bay yet. I hope to get my chores done and get out for a few hours on Friday. Look for a new report by Sunday. And remember.....THINK WALLEYE!

Monday, 26 March 2012

                                   Are you ready!
So how about this crazy spring weather. Hard water fishing ended practically over night with the rapid thaw. The ice has been out on the lakes here in Northern Wisconsin for several days now and not a patch of snow remains. There are several golf courses open already. The weather on Caribou has been similar, although I have no report of ice out yet. If this pattern holds I'm sure we will be ready for the opener. We will no longer be selling licences as the MNR has gone all electronic now. You can go to our home page and click on the link to the MNR. The process is easy and only takes a few minutes. I just did mine and MaryJo's in about 5 minutes. Just have a credit card ready and when you are done you print your licence. Easy as that! If you forget before you travel north you can stop at several locations before you get to Forrest Lodge. I would suggest that you try at home first as there is no back-up system in place in the event that the MNR website has a glitch. It makes it much more convenient and you can pay by credit card. Now there is no waiting to get fishing! Remember that Forrest Lodge is WiFi hot so you can bring your laptop and other connected devices. More and more guests are using Skype to stay in touch with family and friends and a few are even doing business while on vacation. By now you should have been to a few sport shows and perhaps looked a boat or two. What shape is your tangle box in? Now is the time to replace broken equipment and re-spool. Get yourself a hook sharpener and touch up your favourite lure. Inspect your rod and pay close attention to the line guides. Use a cotton ball on each guide and if it snags any where clean it up. Check your rod tip for fatigue and inspect the reel seat. St Croix has some great rods that are made right here in Wisconsin and you can find them at most sport shops. Nothing worse than having your rod break hauling in a Caribou lunker. Have your reel checked out too. Some sport shops do it free if you buy line and have it spooled there. A few drops of rod oil go a long way to prevent a spoiled day on the water. Fishing line is inexpensive and should always be replaced every spring. Your line is the direct connection between you and the catch of a life time. Even if you have little time on the line from last year replace it. And remember not to throw your used line in the garbage. Take it to your local sport shop for proper disposal. If your hauling your boat to Forrest Lodge check it from top to bottom. Please clean out your bilge to prevent to spread of invasive species. Thoroughly drain and clean your bilge, air dry and mist with a bleach solution. Check your lower end. Pull the prop and remove any fishing line and inspect the seals. Check lower unit oil. If your uncomfortable doing motor work get your boat in to the shop now before it gets to busy. Don't forget about the trailer. Grease the bearings, check all lights and inspect the bunks. Make sure you have a spare trailer tire. Check all straps and the winch. Patch any holes in the cover. I have seen more than one or two boats arrive with the covers in shreds. How is your rain gear? All I can say is "Gore Tex". If you spend a few extra bucks here you will not regret it. Nobody likes to fish in the rain, but if you have, you know the value of a good rain suit. And the bite is usually great during a rain shower. So with just over six weeks to go now is the time to get ready and remember.................THINK WALLEYE!   

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

We're getting Close

First, We apologize for taking so long to blog, I guess we had the winter blues. We had a pretty mild winter until last week when the big joke happened, SNOW! Up to 9 inches. I know, some of you are thrilled for the big snowfall but we kept thinking "Spring". Spring means fishing, warm weather, sunshine and we get to see all our friends again at the lodge. Bookings are coming in pretty steady so if you haven't made yours yet, you better get a move on. Hang in there, keep crossing those days off the calendar, May will be here before you know it. Stay safe, and " Think Walleye".

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our guests, family, and friends!

We hope the new year brings everyone, wealth, health and happiness. We are looking forward to another great season at Forrest Lodge. As we look back in 2011, we realised that even though the economy wasn't in our favour, the weather was great, fishing was excellent and we made new friends. We can get so caught up in what is so wrong in this world today we tend to forget what is so great. We need to be thankful for family & friends, for what we have, not what we don't. We've already encountered a small percentage,1 or 2%, who are unreasonable, stupid, paranoid, delusional, or possibly suffering from the temporary or permanent effects of substance abuse or it's just genetic. Not how we'd like to start the New Year. But, these people are entitled to their opinions. We believe MOST people think for themselves and we just have to let negative comments roll off our backs and ignore stupidity.
So, how about those PACKERS?!!!! and those BADGERS??!!! What a year for Wisconsin

After the close of last season, we had come to the conclusion that we need to raise our rates for the 2012 season. After eleven years and only raising our prices twice, we need to stay ahead of the economy ball. We are offering the following:
IF you pay your deposit before Janauray 9th,2012, we will lock you in the 2011 prices, $70 pp/pn with own boat & $90pp/pn with the lodging packageFree ice, Free Wi-Fi, Free docking, Free dock-electricity,Free lake maps, and free advice ;).

We want to Thank everyone who were our guests in 2011 and those who already booked for 2012. We appreciate your business and looking forward to providing you with the best service possible this coming season. 4 months and 18 days to go! Think Walleye! Hurry and Book your trip soon.