Monday, 26 March 2012

                                   Are you ready!
So how about this crazy spring weather. Hard water fishing ended practically over night with the rapid thaw. The ice has been out on the lakes here in Northern Wisconsin for several days now and not a patch of snow remains. There are several golf courses open already. The weather on Caribou has been similar, although I have no report of ice out yet. If this pattern holds I'm sure we will be ready for the opener. We will no longer be selling licences as the MNR has gone all electronic now. You can go to our home page and click on the link to the MNR. The process is easy and only takes a few minutes. I just did mine and MaryJo's in about 5 minutes. Just have a credit card ready and when you are done you print your licence. Easy as that! If you forget before you travel north you can stop at several locations before you get to Forrest Lodge. I would suggest that you try at home first as there is no back-up system in place in the event that the MNR website has a glitch. It makes it much more convenient and you can pay by credit card. Now there is no waiting to get fishing! Remember that Forrest Lodge is WiFi hot so you can bring your laptop and other connected devices. More and more guests are using Skype to stay in touch with family and friends and a few are even doing business while on vacation. By now you should have been to a few sport shows and perhaps looked a boat or two. What shape is your tangle box in? Now is the time to replace broken equipment and re-spool. Get yourself a hook sharpener and touch up your favourite lure. Inspect your rod and pay close attention to the line guides. Use a cotton ball on each guide and if it snags any where clean it up. Check your rod tip for fatigue and inspect the reel seat. St Croix has some great rods that are made right here in Wisconsin and you can find them at most sport shops. Nothing worse than having your rod break hauling in a Caribou lunker. Have your reel checked out too. Some sport shops do it free if you buy line and have it spooled there. A few drops of rod oil go a long way to prevent a spoiled day on the water. Fishing line is inexpensive and should always be replaced every spring. Your line is the direct connection between you and the catch of a life time. Even if you have little time on the line from last year replace it. And remember not to throw your used line in the garbage. Take it to your local sport shop for proper disposal. If your hauling your boat to Forrest Lodge check it from top to bottom. Please clean out your bilge to prevent to spread of invasive species. Thoroughly drain and clean your bilge, air dry and mist with a bleach solution. Check your lower end. Pull the prop and remove any fishing line and inspect the seals. Check lower unit oil. If your uncomfortable doing motor work get your boat in to the shop now before it gets to busy. Don't forget about the trailer. Grease the bearings, check all lights and inspect the bunks. Make sure you have a spare trailer tire. Check all straps and the winch. Patch any holes in the cover. I have seen more than one or two boats arrive with the covers in shreds. How is your rain gear? All I can say is "Gore Tex". If you spend a few extra bucks here you will not regret it. Nobody likes to fish in the rain, but if you have, you know the value of a good rain suit. And the bite is usually great during a rain shower. So with just over six weeks to go now is the time to get ready and remember.................THINK WALLEYE!   

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

We're getting Close

First, We apologize for taking so long to blog, I guess we had the winter blues. We had a pretty mild winter until last week when the big joke happened, SNOW! Up to 9 inches. I know, some of you are thrilled for the big snowfall but we kept thinking "Spring". Spring means fishing, warm weather, sunshine and we get to see all our friends again at the lodge. Bookings are coming in pretty steady so if you haven't made yours yet, you better get a move on. Hang in there, keep crossing those days off the calendar, May will be here before you know it. Stay safe, and " Think Walleye".