Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Hello from Forrest Lodge on Caribou Lake. The lights are on and the walleye are hungry. We arrived last Tuesday and fired up the generators. As of today the west side is up and running and MaryJo is working her mojo on cabin 1. I have half of the boats rigged and in the water and the floating dock is set. Much to my dissatisfaction Squint poked her head out from under the office deck and another yet to be named varmit is under the shed. After 6 years Lady is still with us and has been by every evening. I wish she would develop a taste for ground hog. Alvin and Tweek are on the porch and act as though we never left for the winter. The weather today is cold and wet with a slight NW wind. Almost perfect walleye condition. Water level is normal for this time of year. We heard that the ice was out early this year and that means that the traditional spawn has occurred already and the fish are moving out. The cold weather and cold rain will help to keep them in shallow for a bit longer. Extended forecast calls for cool temps and rain. Lakers are still shallow. We have had some come in from the 10-20 foot range with fish being marked on the bottom. A group went to the north end yesterday and caught "100's" of fish. The Narrows are producing somewhat. No report on Whitefish Bay yet. I hope to get my chores done and get out for a few hours on Friday. Look for a new report by Sunday. And remember.....THINK WALLEYE!