Wednesday, 11 July 2012

July Update

So I've had a few calls asking when I was going to update the blog. And yes I know its July already but....It was a difficult spring with steady rain every day for 3 days straight. The water level shot up to just under the main dock and was ready to overtake the steps to the fish house. The bite had been solid for walleye. Every depth is holding fish now. We had a May group come back last week and I told them to get deeper, around 25 feet. We had gone out the day before and hit the walleyes in 25 feet until mid afternoon. If you know Caribou then you know its time for lunch when the bite stops in the afternoon. Either that or cast for gators. So the May group fished in 30 feet and had a tough time getting supper fish. I was thinking walleye so I said maybe try a little deeper, after all its been bright and sunny with just some small fronts moving through. They finally got into the fish in 8 feet of water! Walleye of every size. They couldn't believe it. The fish were warm to the touch. So I'll give away 1 hot spot for those of you that stay at one of the other lodges on Caribou. Early July fishing in the gravel ditch behind the Island in Whitefish bay! Honest. Thats a spring bite and as soon as the water warms your hard pressed to even snag a gator back there. Of course the Narrows holds a steady bite and is a great place to spend an evening on Caribou. You can limit out and have a great sunset view. So as of today the water level is dropping and the bite continues to be in the usual places. We have seen some above average Lakers coming in and a few guests have hooked some heavy gators. I had the Fly rod out the other day and managed to get the kinks out of the line. Not a heavy by any means but still a blast to hook up on the Fly rod. So you guys down south, I talked to a fellow from Wisconsin today and he said temps were above 100 last week. Today we hit 92. But the breeze off the Lake and the walleye chop was perfect. Not to hot and just windy enough to keep a shirt on and fool the walleye. So what are you waiting for? A fresh caught walleye dinner, a few chilly Blues. Then a cool sleep in your cabin so you can do it all over again the next day. The water in Caribou is still way to cold to swim for regular folks. But it sure cools down the evening air. So if you need a break from the heat or a break from the grind your just a short drive from a Canadian fishing adventure. Remember........THINK WALLEYE!