Sunday, 23 September 2012

Getting Close to the End

Hello everyone,

My apologies for taking so long to write a new post. It turned cold and we became hermits. But with moose and bird hunters, and groups of late season fishermen, we'll have to wait until this winter. Still things to do, closed a few cabins, get some rental boats out of the water, some indoor projects, always something to do. 
Our 1st group of moose hunters haven't seen or heard anything as of yet,today is their last day. Well, they've haven't been getting out when they should, before day break, so they may be missing the moose that are moving in from feeding. There was 3 that we heard of taken near by, so we do have moose around. Our 2nd group of hunters came in last night and where out this morning before daybreak, so just maybe.....
Fishing at the Little Jackfish has been fantastic, according to a few groups who ventured up that way. One guy said he never experienced anything like that.
Not to many people are fishing Caribou right now, the winds have been N-NW and 3-4 ft waves and bitter cold with on and off snow showers, yeah.... NOT my kind of fishing. This week I have some tough guys who are going to brave it, so hopefully I'll get 1 more good fishing report before we close.
Lady's fox pups are still coming in and they are naughty. If they can find something to get into, they will. But, they sure are fun to watch and guests get a kick out of being so close to nature. Guests coming from the burbs or cities just don't get to experience this so it's a real treat for them. Well, not much more to add right now. Stay tuned for the last fishing and hunting report. " Think Walleye"