Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hello fellow guests and future guests,

We are 2 weeks from heading North to open up the lodge for another great fishing season on Caribou Lake. The last report from Armstrong, is there still plenty of snow and ice on the lake and the road hasn't been plowed open yet. The adventure awaits us!

With this information it seems ice out is going to be late putting everything about 2 weeks behind schedule ,but no worries, no matter when ice goes out ,Caribou Lake fishing is always spot on.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again and providing you with exceptional service and a fishing vacation to top all others.

On a sad note, we found out not to long ago a very good guest/friend of ours passed away, his name was, "George". He and his wife usually came in August for the last 4 or 5 years. They were a treat to have around. If George didn't get a hook in Rosemary's lip, he pulled the safety cord out of the motor and they were stranded for a bit until Scott came to the rescue . Just a few of the memories we have that we can recall and laugh about. He also loved pike fishing, so I can imagine George and Spud both fishing on heavens dock for those nasty, slimy fish. God Bless and see you both someday ;)

Our weather has warmed up in Northern WI and the snow piles are finally going down. We might get some raking in yet before we leave only to go where we have to get our winter boots out. That's the way it goes.

We hope everyone has safe travels, a great summer and as Scott would say, "Think Walleye." See you all real soon, MJ