Monday, 27 May 2013

Memorial Day in Canada

A big THANK YOU to all the veterans that have given us the opportunity to live as we do. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed! After ice out last Wednesday the water is still very cold. The spawn has begun in the north end of Caribou Lake. Some heavy spawned out females have been coming in and most groups are reporting fish well over the 20 inch mark. The bite is on at the usual spring spawning areas. Hook-ups are anywhere from 2-15 feet of water with a live bait presentation. Mike W. winched in a heavy Laker after trolling a Rapala. The Lakers are still up shallow in the ice cold water. Weather has been perfect. Just a bit of chop and temps in the 60's. And no bugs yet! Just a few bomber mosquito's in the evening and no hatch of black flies yet. We had good frost Sunday morning so hopefully that killed some of the blood suckers. East wind today with bright sun and good chop. So far biggest walleye 29 inches caught and released...way to go Gord....put the big ones back to make more big ones, and besides the big fish taste like big old fish. The good eaters are the 16-20 inche fish and they taste great coming from the cold clear waters of Caribou Lake.Fish pictures to come shortly.

 No reports of any Northern yet, just the nuisance gators biting off the walleye. We are seeing the gators up in the grass along the shoreline and as the water warms the action in the shallows will heat up. This is a great opportunity to get the fly rod out and do some sight fishing. If you have never tried fly fishing the shallows for these monster gators you don't know what your missing. The gators hit with a strong turn and you don't even need to set the hook. Go barbless so you can shake them off at the side of the boat. I read an article in one of the Canadian fishing magazines about fly fishing for Lake Trout. If I can find the time in the next day or so I'm going to rig up and hit the deep hole on the other side of MaryJo's Island. I'll take the camera with just in case. It's kind of like prom night, you have high expectations but don't plan on any "action". I'm not proud, I'll kiss and tell! I'm way better bragging about fish than other things.

I will brag about my fishing gear though. Most of you know that I'm a big fan of St. Croix rods. They are built in Park Falls Wisconsin and in my opinion have some of the finest rods made at a reasonable price. The factory store is right along side the factory. You can look through a window and watch the hand built process while you shop the well layed out store. The staff is very knowledgeable and will get you the right equipment for your fishing trip. You can also shop online and get the same great service. These guys know their stuff. Reels are another subject. I go for Pflueger. The more bearings the better. I know I advocate American made so its your pick. Just pay attention to the number of bearings and the drag system. Most of my rants are about the line and replacing it often. It is the single most important connection between you and the fish. Have you ever been broken off fighting a fish? Was it the knot? Was it the dull hook? Or did the line fail? For a few $$ you can change your line and be sure that you have a good connection. So for now I need to rig a few more boats and energise 3 more cabins, otherwise as always.......THINK WALLEYE!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Ice Ice Baby

We arrived on Friday to a frozen Caribou Lake. The picture is looking west towards MaryJo's Island. This weekend we had temps in the low 60's then yesterday evening the rain moved in. Rain will help soften the ice and with a good wind it should be out by the mid to later part of the week. Saturday morning we had a visit from Lady. I saw her going down the driveway with a groundhog in her jaw. Nothing better than a hot breakfast. A little later she showed up at the door just to say hello. So far no surprises, both generators fired up and there were no trees down. There are several piles of snow around and by cabin 6 the pile is about 5 feet deep and stretches across the driveway to the wood shed. The ice is turning dark and beginning to break away from the shore. The bay in front still has ice but it is moving out slowing. It looks like June is going to be a great month for fishing. With the late ice out the walleye will be spawning later and the quick warm up will keep them in the shallows. Lake Trout will be shallow for a few days just after ice out. We have seen a few small pike up in the shallow grass were the ice is gone. Road construction looks like it will begin soon on 527. There was just one bridge down to single lane a few miles north of the border. Caribou Lake Road is passable with the usual potholes and wash out areas expected every spring. Follow us to get current updates by email and remember.......THINK WALLEYE!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Ice Out and other stuff

I don't know about you but I'm REALLY ready to go fishing. The ice here in Northern Wisconsin just went out yesterday. Still some over in the smaller bays but all is gone for the most part. We woke up yesterday to a layer of snow that quickly melted by lunch time. The truck is almost packed and we are planning on a slow drive to Thunder Bay tomorrow. Our fuel supplier said most lakes up north are frozen and there is little activity yet. We plan on driving into Forrest Lodge the later part of the week. Once I get the generators fired up and MaryJo gets her computers up and running I will get a post out ASAP to let everyone know the ice conditions and road construction updates. Keep a look out for our new improved web site. We plan on doing a weekly video report and with any luck a live web feed. Fingers crossed that technology works. Just a few quick notes, don't forget to get your fishing license and outdoor card. You can go to the link here on the Forrest Lodge web site for the MNR. Its fast and easy and you print your license on the spot! By now you should have cleaned out your tangle box and loaded up with new jigs and artificials. Don't forget to put fresh line on your reel. It is perhaps the single most important link between you and a potential trophy. Go to your local Mom and Pop bait shop and spend a 20 or 30 dollar bill. Talk about fish and make new friends while they re-spool your line. They will also recycle it properly. Try to stay away from the big box stores and support your local economy. Besides, how friendly is the guy at the big box store when he's got 6 other people there and he missed his lunch break 20 minutes ago?Check your electronics before you head out. Nothing worse than a blown fuse miles from no-where. Please, if you are bringing your boat to Forrest Lodge be sure to inspect and clean the trailer and bilge. With the spread of all these invasive species we need to do our part. I have a pressure washer available at the Lodge if you need to clean your boat and trailer before launching. A good soapy wash down of the bilge can help prevent spreading undesirables. Just like your mother taught you to scrub up with soap and water to kill the germs. I will also be moving some electric outlets in the fish cleaning house to make it easier to plug in electric fillet knives and vacuum sealers. Be sure to pack several rolls of sealer bags. I'll try to have some at the Lodge just in case. Get the better quality ones that can also be written on with a sharpie marking pen. The CO's like it when they can see whats in the bag without  thawing or unwrapping fish that have been rolled up in freezer paper. Read the regulations or ask me if you have questions on packaging your fish. There is J&J General Store in Armstrong for your convenience and several restaurants with regular hours. The Mini Mart has auto fuels and oils and is open regularly. We will be on the road the next few days so please email if you have questions or if you would like to make a reservation. Until then..........THINK WALLEYE! Capt. Scott