Friday, 28 June 2013

Got Walleye?

The high water is dropping off very slowly and the gang plank to the fish house may be removed by the mid to later part of next week. I have to keep reminding myself that the ice went out just over 4 weeks ago. I took a ride up to some of the usual post ice out hot spots last week. At the Little Caribou creek we saw huge schools of bait fish boiling the water in 30 foot circles and then watched as the big gators would charge through them with their jaws wide open gorging on the easy meal. We were on a walleye mission. I took a few shots into the shallows and a few shots into the rocks at the bottom of the creek. Just a few lite hits and a few small fish hanging in 2 feet of water. We motored across to the Boot and found several other boats working the area so we didn't stay long. I enjoyed the time on the water with Jason and we celebrated his year closer to retirement. We limited out in about 15 minutes fishing in 2-4 feet of water off the gravel in an easy access spot. With the late ice out and extremely high water I had to rethink the pattern. This time of the year we would be around the Beave and Beer Can in 15 feet or so. Not this year. The water is darn cold and the fish we caught were so shallow you could walk on them. And many, many fatties well over the 20" mark. We have had several reports of heavies measuring close to the 30" and many in the mid 20's. No gator action as everyone is focused on the walleye action. Just a few Lakers coming in, but the usual 6-10 pound eaters. We have had just about perfect walleye weather, overcast and choppy in the mornings with the clouds burning off by afternoon and the temps rising. The evening bite in the Narrows is starting to heat up as the fish begin their transition. When the bite hits at MaryJo's Island you can find me there any evening. If the weather stays warm the action should start there pretty quick. No reports on Brookies yet. If the boss lets me, I may take a few hours and go on the hunt with my ultra lite equipment. Trying to get caught up on the grass cutting which never ends and a few staining projects. The new web site is still being built and close to launch. Watch for the interactive blogs and by all means feel free to comment and start a new conversation. This report is for everyone that loves to .......THINK WALLEYE!