Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Welcome to Forrest Lodge where a pot of gold awaits. Well, we didn't find any gold, but our guests found a pot of fish last week.  The week started off cool and rainy but that didn't stop my guests from having a great week of fishing. The walleyes seem to be moving into the normal spots for this time of the season. Up around Beaver Island, Cove Island , the Shelters and of course, if all elese fails, the Narrows. Guests have been catching some walleyes and lakers around MaryJo's Island .

Another nice Walleye by my nephew John, caught and released, one of many he caught with his fishing buddy, his brother Jake. They also took a road trip to the Jackfish River and had a great time. They loss count of the number of walleyes they caught and released.

I just wanted to mention that Caribou Lake is over 23,000 acres, with many,many places to fish. There is absolutely no reason to fish "ontop" of another boat that is already fishing a spot. That is just rude and unsportsman like in my book. If you see a boat in a spot that you planned on fishing, be courteous, stay clear of them, be friendly, wave and move on.

This week we have our corporate group from the Beaver Dam WI area and hope to get many video interviews I will post on this blog site and on our Facebook page. So, stay tuned for some updated fishing adventures from Forrest Lodge.
Thank you for following us and spreading the word how great Forrest Lodge is and how the fishing on Caribou Lake is outstanding. " Think Walleye"!