Monday, 20 April 2015

Countdown to 2015

For the most part winter has melted away from the landscape. Here in Northern Wisconsin we woke up to a coating of snow this morning and it continues to fall. Most of it has melted off but under the trees and in some areas it is holding on.If you haven't made plans for your trip to Forrest Lodge then now is the time to do so. We are booking up fast and June is almost filled. We are offering a 15% prepaid discount so don't wait any longer or you may not get the dates you want. This is a great time of the year to get your boat in shape for the upcoming season. And don't forget your trailer. Bearings need attention regularly and check the electrical connections. Even if the lights are working a frayed wire or corroded connector can cause serious problems. Check the rope or strap on the winch. Spray some lube on the hitch and check your receiver. Check tire pressure and the spare also. Grab an in-expensive jack to keep in the boat so you don't have to unload the truck and use the factory one that came with your 1/2 ton. Nothing worse than using the tippy little thing that doesn't fit your trailer axle and then try to remove the lug nutz. You can get a floor jack at "Wally's" for pretty cheap. They are easy to roll around and will fit under your truck or trailer anywhere and they don't take up much room in the boat while your traveling down the road.
New for this year we hope to get the cabins all stained and painted. We have our fingers crossed the weather will be on our side. We also plan on replacing a few of the toilets with water saver units. We have also purchased a new generator to replace the 20kw that has served us well the last 40,000+ hours. It is a 25kw unit that is smaller and more efficient.
Just 26 days until the opener so get your plans settled , get your equipment in order, purchase your fishing license and remember.......THINK WALLEYE!

Capt. Scott

Watch for updates on ice conditions after we arrive at the Lodge.